13 Best Chinos for Men in 2024, Tested and Reviewed by GQ

“The fabric is extraordinarily breezy and soft thanks to that blend of linen and cotton, and the roomy cut is akin to vintage chinos from the ‘60s, just a touch narrower,” Ortiz says. While the linen material gives it a ton of texture off the bat, it’s the herringbone weave that lifts it to another level. The mid-high rise in tandem with the relaxed straight leg and center crease make these chinos some of the most flattering cuts we’ve tried and they look great with a plain white tee and sneakers as well as dressed to the nines with some dress shoes and a blazer.

Best Pleated Chinos for Men: Alex Mill Standard Pleated Pant

Alex Mill

Standard Pleated Chino



  • Taper and crop isn’t for everyone

Fit: Relaxed-taper | Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane | Fly: Zip | Colors: Khaki, black, navy, oat milk | Sizes: 28-38 waist; regular-long length

If you’re after a pair of pleated chinos, Alex Mill’s Standard Pleated Pant are a shoe-in. Pleated chinos? In this fashion landscape? Yes. We realize that pleated chinos sound terribly dusty, but Alex Mill’s are far from that. The long rise, relaxed thigh, tapered leg, and cropped hem are actually on par with some of the coolest silhouettes coming out of Japan. They feel like they honor the genre while updating it for the modern era of fashion enthusiasts. They may call them ‘standard’, but we would happily disagree. Oh, and if you think they’re a touch too short, they also offer them in a longer length.

More Chinos We Love


Giant-fit Chino Pant

If J.Crew’s classic fit chinos aren’t wide enough for you, peep the brand’s viral Giant-Fit Chinos. Like the pick above, these are 100% cotton twill that comes in a heap of certified classic colors. Unlike our overall winners, they’re ultra-wide with a leg opening of 20.5”. But beware, if you’re not a fan of pre-cuffed hems, you might want to bust out a seam ripper and an iron.


Staff Chino Twill Pant

The fellas at Knickerbocker are hellbent on making some of the best-quality menswear staples, and the Staff Chino is a prime example. The cotton twill is beefy enough to tell you it’s serious, but soft enough to let you know you’re gonna have a great time. The generous (read: wide) leg feels right at home in a well-curated vintage story or, like, the set of The Talented Mr. Ripley, which, if you can’t tell, are both very good things.


Relaxed Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pants

If the synthetic fiber blend of Dickies’ classic work pants doesn’t rub you the right way, these Dockers will. The fabric is 98% cotton resulting in a more natural handfeel and they’re also treated to be wrinkle resistant so you you can leave them on the ‘clothes chair’ without worrying. They’ve also got the lightest touch of elastane making them slightly stretchy but by no means do they feel like other stretch chino pants.

Buzz Rickson

1942 Early Military Wide Leg Chinos

The diehard vintage guys already know that Buzz Rickson is elite when it comes to reproductions of classic militaria and workwear. These ‘40s-inspired chinos feature period-correct details like tin buttons, all-cotton sewing thread, and a silhouette that’s true to the era—high-waisted and very, very baggy.


Italian Stretch Chinos

These Bonobos chinos are a great balance of dashing good looks and accommodating stretch without looking like a pair of pants dreamt up by a tech guy as a “solution” to a made-up problem. They’re made of an Italian fabric that’s been garment-dyed to give it a lived-in feel and the four-way stretch is just enough to make your legs twice as comfortable without bleeding into yoga-pant territory. That makes them perfect for those dutiful bike commuters among us. But what’s even better is that they come in three different four different fits including tailored, slim taper, slim, and even an athletic fit so you can really dial in the perfect fit for you.


Tanger Pants

Viral amongst the connoisseurs, Casatlantic built its label on high-rise, wide-legged trousers. Not only are they made to give you that 50s-era swag, the quality is top tier as well.

Your Chino FAQs, Answered

What makes a good pair of chinos?

A classic pair of chinos is usually made from a mid-weight cotton twill fabric that fall smack dab in between a typical shirting fabric and your average pair of blue jeans. (For the nerds, that’s about 8-ounces). They’ll fit like a well-tailored trouser, with a mid- or high-rise and, generally, a darted rear waist to hug your bum in the most flattering way. Many higher-quality chinos will also include a curtained waistband which is an extra piece of fabric fixed to the inside of the waistband. This helps reinforce the waist, prevent it from rolling, keeps the pockets lying flat, and covers the inner seam work (don’t worry, it’s really not necessary).

What’s the difference between chinos and khakis?

Scratching your head at the menswear parlance? You’re not alone. Khakis and chinos are quite similar and, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. To be honest, those differences are pretty minor and the lines between the two just seem to be getting blurrier every day. Both are usually made from a cotton-twill fabric with slanted hand pockets as well as welted pockets at the rear (as opposed to the patched pockets you’d find on a pair of jeans). But the menswear cognoscenti will tell you that khakis tend to use sturdier fabrics while chinos are ever so slightly lighter (yeah…silly). Not only that, khakis are also more strongly tied to the dusty beige color from which they gets their name, so you’re more likely to see a pair of navy cotton twill pants dubbed as chinos rather than khakis.

Which fit of chinos is best?

Listen here, bud. It’s 2024. Fit is all relative. Everyone’s body is different as is everyone’s taste. At the end of the day, you should like what you see in the mirror. But if that advice isn’t practical enough for you we suggest a few things. First, the “best” fit for a pair of chinos depends on your body type and the situation in which you’re wearing the chinos. Without going too deep, the best fit for the most people is a classic straight fit, perhaps even a slightly relaxed fit. The silhouette du jour changes every few years, but if you split the difference and stick with a fit that’s very middle-of-the-road, you’re much less likely to ruffle any feathers with your bosses, with the wedding party, and save yourself some embarrassment should you go down memory lane.

Can I wear chinos to a wedding?

That depends on the wedding. Chinos aren’t as dressy as suit pants, but if it’s an outdoor wedding or if the wedding invite says to dress semi-formal or if it says ‘casual’ anywhere in the invite, chinos are a safe bet. But we’d advise that you wear your chinos with a button-up shirt and a tie at the very least, if not with a matching cotton blazer.

What color chinos should I own?

This is subjective and dependent on your wardrobe. But the three most popular chino colors are khaki, navy, and black. Perhaps the most classic colorway for chinos is khaki, which pairs well with any color palette. Black chinos are great if you really need a pair of chinos to pass muster in dressier occasions.

How We Tested

To kick off the process, we enlisted a who’s who of GQ staffers to wear-test our contenders. Some of our colleagues have worked in retail; others have toiled for small-batch labels; all spend objectively too much time thinking about pants. We leaned on that collective experience to guide our search, culling a mix of household names, indie favorites, and the artisanal imprints on the bleeding-edge of the genre. Then we narrowed down the assortment to the picks that scored the highest across quality, fit, and price.

Our testers owned some of the chinos on this list already, but a whole bunch were totally new to us. So after wear-testing the entire crop, we recorded our deeply scientific observations and rejiggered our selections accordingly. Based on those evaluations, we ran the numbers, collated the anecdotal evidence, and emerged with a list of what we believe to be the absolute best chinos for men right now, from the tried-and-true stalwarts to the modern disruptors, the affordable beaters to the wildly expensive (but wildly worth-it) designer riffs. Whatever your preferences, whatever your style, there’s bound to be a pair here for you. (Read more about GQ’s testing process here.)

Our Testers

  1. Gerald Ortiz, GQ Style Commerce Writer
  2. Michael Nolledo, GQ Associate Commerce Director
  3. Reed Nelson, GQ Contributor
  4. Avidan Grossman, GQ Senior Commerce Editor

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