37 Best Winter Clothes for Men 2023: Stylish Cold-Weather Essentials

The best winter clothes for men aren’t nice-to-haves: they’re as essential as it gets. Depending on where you are, winter is either coming, or its already there, or maybe it never really left (shout out to GQ’s small-but-mighty Alaskan readership). Whatever the meteorological situation, getting yourself the right cold-weather gear is both non-negotiable and urgent. That’s why we’ve pulled together this exhaustively-compiled guidebook to braving the blizzards in style this year.

To help you transition from leaf-peeping to ice-dodging, GQ Recommends went deep on all the essential gear—the puffy jackets, fuzzy sweaters, hardy boots, and more—you’ll need to make this your coolest winter on record. The best winter clothes for men, it turns out, will do a lot more than keep you warm: they should also inspire your biggest fits yet.

The Winter Essentials Quick Hit List

  • The Anti-Freeze Beanie: Industry of All Nations Alpaca Knit Winter Beanie, $95
  • The Flannel Shirt: Pendleton Board Shirt, $169
  • The Corduroy Pants: J.Crew Giant-Fit Corduroy Pant, $118
  • The Oversized Topcoat: Amomento Belted Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat, $740
  • The Mountain-Bound Hikers: Diemme x Throwing Fits Rosset Boots, $460
  • The Hairy Knit-uation: Séfr Alpaca-Blend Sweater, $360
  • The Blizzard-Busting Puffer: Eddie Bauer x Buck Mason Power Down Quilted Jacket, $350
  • The Leg Warmers: Uniqlo Heattech Ultra Warm Tights, $25
  • The Snow-Plowing Puddle Jumpers: Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boot, $230
  • The Big Scarf: After Pray Dia Scarf, $135
  • The Winter Fragrance: Byredo Eleventh Hour Eau de Parfum, $205 $175

And if you’re mourning autumn’s end, remember this: cold weather isn’t a challenge, it’s an opportunity—to wear more clothes. The mercury may be free-falling, your teeth may be chattering, the windchill may be genuinely chilling. But just think of all the fashion opportunities we have at hand!

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