4 Tips for Making the Most of Black Friday at Costco

Black Friday is only a couple of short weeks away. But you may be gearing up to do the bulk of your holiday shopping that day.

If you’re a Costco member, you may have plans to visit your local warehouse club to take advantage of its Black Friday deals. If you’re going that route, use these strategies to eke out even more savings and maximize that shopping trip.

1. Study the deals ahead of time

Shopping on Black Friday can be very overwhelming. There’s lots of pressure to snag the best deals, and stores (Costco included) tend to be very crowded.

That’s why a good plan is to read up on Costco’s Black Friday deals ahead of the big event. Some of those deals are already listed on Costco’s website. See what’s available so you can map out a budget ahead of time.

2. Compare prices at other retailers

There are certain items you’ll find at Costco that you won’t find at other stores. That can make comparison shopping somewhat difficult, since you’re not comparing apples to apples.

But some of the products Costco carries are available elsewhere. So it’s a good idea to make a list of the items you’re thinking of buying on Black Friday to see what prices other retailers are offering. Although Costco is known for its great prices, it doesn’t always have the lowest prices available.

3. Research electronics before buying them

It’s common for retailers to offer special-run electronics on Black Friday of lower quality than what you’ll normally find during the year. Costco may not necessarily employ the practice of offering lower-quality items, as that, frankly, goes against its business model of holding products to the highest of standards. But it still pays to check.

Of course, it may not bother you to purchase a special-run laptop or TV on Black Friday — from Costco or another store — if the price is right. But it’s still a good thing to know what item you’re really getting.

Pay attention to the model numbers you see as you research Black Friday electronics deals at Costco. If you don’t see those same models elsewhere, it’s a sign you’re looking at a special run for that shopping event.

4. Upgrade to the Executive membership if you anticipate spending a lot

Costco’s Executive membership costs twice as much as a basic one — $120 per year versus $60. But the Executive membership offers the benefit of 2% back on Costco purchases. If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping on Black Friday, it could pay to upgrade ahead of the big event. That could result in more cash back in your pocket.

You should also know that Costco’s Executive membership is really risk-free, because if you don’t spend enough money in the year after you get it to make back the cost of your $60 upgrade fee, Costco will let you downgrade to a basic membership and refund you the difference. So it pays to switch your membership before potentially bringing home a massive haul.

You might end up enjoying a world of savings if you shop at Costco on Black Friday. Use these tips to make the day even more rewarding.

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