5 Ways for Seniors to Save Money on Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, the golden years are all about finding that sweet spot between ensuring ample financial protection for your loved ones and not letting the premiums drain your retirement savings. Yes, it’s a bit of a balancing act, but who says you can’t master it with a few smart moves?

Let’s walk through five thoughtful strategies that can help seniors secure life insurance that’s affordable and adequate.

1. Apply sooner rather than later

Think of your age as a pivotal number in the life insurance equation. Each birthday could potentially increase your premiums by 9%-12%, similar to how last-minute flight bookings can skyrocket. If you’re considering life insurance at 65, waiting until 67 might not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to paying higher premiums simply due to age. Acting swiftly can lock in lower rates, keeping your premiums more manageable in the long run. It’s a clear case where time really is money.

2. Shop around

Ever spent hours online hunting for the perfect vacation deal? Securing life insurance is a similar drill. You wouldn’t book the first flight or hotel you see; the same goes for life insurance. Gathering quotes from at least three different insurers can unveil a disparity in premiums for similar coverage, sometimes by as much as 55%.

According to Lincoln Heritage, men over 85 typically face monthly premiums ranging from $183 to $286 for $10,000 in final expense insurance. Women of the same age bracket can expect to pay between $136 and $211 per month for the same coverage. Ensuring you compare the same policy type, term, and amount is crucial for a true apples-to-apples comparison. This step ensures you really are getting a great deal, not just a good-looking number that might leave you underinsured.

3. Get a medical exam

Skipping the medical exam might sound appealing — it’s quick, easy, and stress free. While opting for a no-exam policy might seem convenient, it could lead to premiums that are higher than those for policies requiring a medical exam. If you’re in relatively good health, rolling up your sleeve for that blood test could work in your favor. Pass the health checks with flying colors, and you’re suddenly seen as a less risky bet, which translates to lower premiums for you.

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4. Tailoring your coverage

When it comes to coverage, more isn’t always better. For every $100,000 in coverage, you might see an increase in premiums by $50 to $100 monthly, depending on your age and health. Scaling back from a $1 million policy to a $500,000 policy could halve your monthly payments. Assessing your actual financial obligations and coverage needs can help you avoid overinsuring and overpaying.

5. Opt for term life insurance

Whole life insurance might offer a lifetime of coverage and a cash value component, but it comes at a cost — often five to 15 times the premiums of a term policy. For example, a whole life policy for a 70-year-old could easily cost $500 or more per month for $100,000 in coverage, while a term policy might only set you back $100 monthly. For seniors, term life insurance offers a more budget-friendly way to secure essential coverage without the added expense of features they may not need.

Finding affordable life insurance as a senior is less about cutting corners and more about making informed, strategic choices. Armed with these strategies and an understanding of the numbers behind them, you’re well-equipped to navigate the life insurance landscape confidently. Remember, in the world of life insurance, knowledge, timing, and a bit of savvy can lead to significant savings.

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