AI, xAPI, Data…Oh My! Your Evolving Learning Technology Ecosystem

Building A Strategic Learning Technology Ecosystem

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant influx of new learning technologies? Are you unsure how to leverage them effectively within your organization? This free webinar, led by industry expert Megan Torrance, will guide you through the process of building a strategic learning technology ecosystem. You’ll learn how to move away from reactive, isolated technology adoption and towards a holistic approach that drives meaningful learning experiences.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The key components of a successful learning ecosystem strategy
  • How to map your ecosystem to identify strengths and gaps
  • Practical steps for planning your ecosystem roadmap, even with limited resources
  • How AI, xAPI, data analytics, and other technologies can work together to create a synergistic learning environment

This webinar is perfect for:

  • Learning and Development professionals
  • HR leaders
  • Anyone who wants to make informed decisions about learning technologies within their organization

Register now and take control of your learning technology ecosystem.

Space is limited, so don’t wait!

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