Another Brutal Presser for Karine Jean-Pierre Capped by Russia Hysteria, Biden Senility, and Peter Doocy

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It was another brutal day in the briefing room for Karine Jean-Pierre. Tasked with attempting to spin Joe Biden’s ever-worsening health, the press secretary was peppered with questions ranging from medical exams and Hunter Biden operating as the president’s gatekeeper. 

For the moment, at least, none of this is calming down. Where we’ll be in a week is another issue.

Jean-Pierre is lying. What Seung Min Kim is referring to is a claim by the press secretary that the president had not been seen by a doctor before his disastrous debate performance. Biden blew that up by admitting that he had been checked out during an interview, which led the White House to try to explain why there was a discrepancy in their talking points. 

Jean-Pierre is deflecting by pretending the only conflict was about how many times the neurologist who specializes in Parkinson’s disease had visited the White House. Even then, she is being dishonest in her framing about how many times he came. Visitor logs show it was not three times but ten times.

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According to the White House, all of Biden’s bad debate can be blamed on a “cold.” Of course, that led to the obvious question, which is why the president stayed out until 2:00 AM campaigning if he was truly sick. Never mind that he showed no signs of a cold the very next day

Jean-Pierre’s answer on that front was simply ridiculous. Not only does she try to pivot to bragging about how much Biden was doing, underlining that he wasn’t sick, but she then lies about how the claim of the president having a “cold” made it to the public. 

REPORTER: The White House and also the campaign have said he had a cold that night. he then went to a watch party afterward, which you had brought up, I was at that watch party. If he did have a cold, why then push him to another event where he spent some 45 minutes along the rope line? 

JEAN-PIERRE: I mean, and not just, and I would add to that, it wasn’t just a watch party. We landed at 2:00 AM in the morning in North Carolina. He greeted hundreds of North Carolinians in North Carolina. He woke up the next day in North Carolina, gave a speech in front of thousands of North Carolinians. 

REPORTER: (Inaudible)

JEAN-PIERRE: No, no, no, I’m just trying to lay, you gave me an opportunity, and I’m just using that opportunity to lay out what the president did in those two and a half days. Look, you know, one of the reasons we shared that he had a cold is because the debate, in real-time, everybody heard his hoarse voice and folks asked, and we were able to confirm right away that he had a cold, and also that he tested right away that he was negative for COVID. 

Again, that description, as stupid as it is, is also flatly false. The White House was not randomly asked about Biden’s voice. Instead, questions about Biden’s mental capacity started to emerge in the first 30 minutes of the debate. That’s when a series of coordinated leaks to the press started pushing the idea that he had a “cold.” Later, the White House then “confirmed” what were obviously their own leaks. In other words, they planted that story. It was not organic, and it was not a result of curiosity about him being “hoarse.” 

When Jean-Pierre was asked about Hunter Biden attending high-level White House meetings, she had no good answer. 

DOOCY: President Biden has told me before that he and his son don’t have any business dealings together. So what is Hunter Biden doing in White House meetings? 

JEAN-PIERRE: Are you talking about the meeting where they came together from Camp David and the two of them walked to the president’s meeting and he was there? 

DOOCY: There’s a report that aides were struck by his presence during their discussions.

JEAN-PIERRE: Look, I can’t, I’m certainly not going to get into private conversations that occur. What I can say, and I spoke to this before, is that, when they came back from Camp David, the president spent a couple of days at Camp David with his family, he is very close to his family as you know. It was the week of Fourth of July, which is why his family members were here last week. They walked together, and they walked together into the meeting. 

So let me get this straight. Anyone who is walking with the president can simply walk into a high-level meeting and stay there? How does that excuse make any sense at all? Jean-Pierre is making it seem as if Hunter Biden had no choice but to be at the meeting, which is a ludicrous assertion. You don’t end up in a presidential meeting by chance. Was he there to operate as a handler for his father? It sure seems that way given the myriad of reports that he’s now a high-level advisor and “gatekeeper” for Joe Biden. 

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In another exchange, Jean-Pierre was asked about the time Biden searched the room and called out for a congresswoman who had died in a car accident a month earlier. 

REPORTER: This was an event where the president called out Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, looked for her in the room even though she had recently died. You told multiple reporters at the time, and this was asked multiple different ways. 

JEAN-PIERRE: She was, she was top of mind

REPORTER: Yeah, because she was top of mind for the president, on that example, would you offer a different explanation? 

JEAN-PIERRE: I would not because honestly, I spoke to the president, and that is what the president told me. It’s not something that came from me. It’s something that came from the president.

If the deceased congresswoman was so “top of mind” for Joe Biden that day, why did he forget she was dead? The explanation offered by Jean-Pierre is as silly as it is insulting. The president being senile is a far more apt one. 

Doocy hit Jean-Pierre again at one point in the briefing, asking if “Nurse Jill” would be called by the Pentagon after Biden’s bedtime.

The president “has a team” isn’t a very comforting answer to such an important question. Who is actually running the country? Is it Jill Biden? Is it a conglomerate of handlers? The answer is probably a bit of both. 

I’ll end with the dumbest question of the day because there’s always at least one reporter willing to play lap dog. 

With all that’s going on, they are still obsessed with Russia and see it as an easy deflection. You can expect that to ramp up even more as the election nears. There has to be some excuse if Trump comes out victorious.

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