Biden Loses to the Teleprompter and Steals Trump's Slogan, but Still Can't Get Things Right in Las Vegas

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Joe Biden is made multiple stops on Tuesday, in Nevada and Arizona, to campaign for his reelection bid.

As we reported, he first went to talk with staff and volunteers in Reno, Nevada but was spinning falsehoods, made a big gaffe about NATO, and naturally made a beeline for a little girl at the end of his remarks. 

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Then he went on to Las Vegas to talk about lowering housing costs. 

“We need housing that’s affordable,” Biden said in Las Vegas. For too many people, the dream of having a home – it feels out of reach.

What was incredibly ironic about that is that Biden has driven up all kinds of costs by driving up inflation with his excessive spending. Then the interest rates were raised to deal with that and that has put buying a house out of range for so many people. Mortgage interest rates were 2.65 percent in January 2021 and now they’re over 7 percent.

So it’s incredible that he thinks he has any credibility at all to speak on this as he’s made it worse for everybody. But he has no conscience. He’ll tell people anything if he thinks it will help get him elected.

I’m not sure what he was trying to say here, but it sounds like he’s dropping the race card. 

So if he claims there were these issues, was he addressing them when he was lunching with his segregationist buddies in the U.S. Senate? Somehow I don’t remember much coming from Joe Biden about the issue.

Biden said he had been talking to a mother but then he couldn’t even say what her name was. He was trying to read it off the teleprompter but he lost the battle with it and still couldn’t get it right. Then as he struggled with the name, he kept looking for her in the audience. 

“Latree. Latree Shoe. Where’s Latree?” he said, confused. Someone had to correct him. “Latricia, excuse me.” 

If you’re going to talk about someone, especially someone you just spoke with, then get their name right otherwise you sound foolish and you look like you don’t care enough to get the person’s name right. And this has happened before with Biden. 

Then he had this moment of confusion where he’s talking about prescription drug costs, and he’s trying to say it has been cheaper to get it outside of the U.S. 

But he got it all scrambled, “Let’s fly to Toronto or to Berlin or to London or to Rome — or any major city in America!” implying those were major cities in America and at the same time saying it was cheaper in major cities in America, which was contrary to his point. 

Then he also stole Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and used it to say how he was going to more by taxing billionaires. 

Yet this is just fiction that the left commonly spread to incite class enmity. 

The top 1% of taxpayers — those who earn $561,351 or more — paid 42.3% of the total tax revenue collected in 2020, according to the latest figures from the IRS. In fact, the top 1-percent of taxpayers paid more income taxes than the bottom 90-percent all together. Additionally, the top 1-percent of taxpayers paid $723 billion in income taxes and the bottom 90-percent paid $450 billion.

You don’t make America great again by taking more of Americans’ money.

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