Biden Tells Some Desperate Whoppers and the Latest Name He Seemed to Forget Is a Big One

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Joe Biden delivered remarks at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference at the Washington Hilton on Monday. 

But Joe being Joe, you know that where he goes, confusion follows. 

He was trying to talk about the infrastructure plan, but then he seemed to glitch and confuse it in his head with the point he wanted to make about the U.S. formerly being number one in infrastructure. 

Then Joe told a fanciful story that was confused and confusing. He said Samsung came and “met with the leader of South Korea.” Huh, what?  

I think perhaps he meant he met with the leader of South Korea. But then he sandwiched that in between two points about Samsung. He claimed the leader of the company told him we had the best speakers in the world. I doubt that ever happened. That would be insulting to the South Korean workers. 

It was bad enough that he couldn’t remember when he was Vice President, according to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s reporter. But this was pretty bad, too, when he appeared to blank out on former President Donald Trump’s name. 

“After we, uh, the fella who’s running again, I’m — after he did not move on making sure that we dealt with vaccinating the American public, we ended up losing over a million people dead,” Biden said. 

He couldn’t remember former President Donald Trump’s name and then tried to cover by crossing himself. The people, like sheep, laughed. Then Biden told some stone-cold lies about Trump, claiming he did not make sure we dealt with vaccinating the people when it was Trump who got the vaccine and started the distribution. Biden only took over what Trump had put in place. Biden also stomped on people in the process, mandating vaccines and firing members of the military for not taking it. Moreover the “million dead” came mostly under Biden. There were just over 400k deaths under Trump; the rest were under Biden. So, once again, just a confused piece of malarkey from the alleged leader of the free world. 

Then Biden told more whoppers about inflation, saying he brought the costs down. The prices are still too high but, according to Joe, that is because of “Greedflation” and “Shrinkflation.” 

Neither of those things can cause inflation, even if what he was saying was true. Everything has gone up under him, from milk to gas. Both are still higher under him. So, blaming companies who also have to deal with his increased prices is a deflection from his own failures. But he doesn’t have much to run on, so this is the only desperate play he has. 

As he ended and was stepping away from the podium, the elderly man with poor memory forgot something. 

He acknowledged some of the people in the audience from New Castle County. 

At least, as far as we can tell, he was talking to people who were alive this time. 


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