Biden's Doctor's Meeting With Specialist That Has People Talking

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In the wake of the debate debacle, Joe Biden’s condition is finally getting a lot more attention. 

The mainstream media, which usually seems to run cover, is finally reporting on the issue (although that can’t excuse their failures in not doing so for so long). ABC News even has a report that talked about Jill Biden “lashing out” at people who thought her husband should step aside. 

Just that alone is a big change, not to mention that they didn’t refer to her as “Dr” as she likes to be called. 

But now the New York Post has a report that is going to raise more questions.

A top Washington D.C. neurologist had a meeting with President Biden’s personal doctor at the White House earlier this year, visitor logs reviewed by The Post show.

Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s disease expert at Walter Reed Medical Center, met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, and two others at the White House residence clinic on Jan. 17, according to the records, which emerge as questions continue to swirl about the 81-year-old president’s mental health in the wake of his debate debacle last week with former President Trump.

Dr. John E. Atwood, a cardiologist are Walter Reed, was also in the 5 P.M. meeting, the White House visitor logs show.

According to Cannard’s LinkedIn, he has served as the “neurology specialist supporting the White House Medical Unit” since 2012, and he’s written about early stages of Parkinson’s. 

It was not clear from the records who the fourth person was, according to the Post. 

So what’s going on here? The White House needs to answer up and be transparent. Did this visit pertain to Biden? O’Connor is the White House physician whose primary responsibility is to Biden and his family

O’Connor released a report in February that specifically ruled out Parkinson’s or any other “central neurological disorder.” Cannard and Atwood aren’t talking. 

So far this is what the White House is saying in response to questions. 

“A wide variety of specialists from the Walter Reed system visit the White House complex to treat thousands of military personnel who work on the grounds,” according to a White House spokesman who refused to answer questions about who O’Connor, Cannard and Atwood were meeting with.

Even the Washington Post has questions. They describe O’Connor as a “little-known doctor” who has “grown extraordinarily close” to the Biden family, and they raise the question of why he has never recommended a cognitive test. 

They also observed that he hasn’t appeared at the podium to explain any of his evaluations of Biden, including when he had COVID. WaPo noted he’s turned down all interviews, including multiple requests from them. 

This part of the WaPo article was tough. 

Three of O’Connor’s former colleagues in the White House medical unit, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe confidential relationships, said Biden’s debate performance suggested to them that the president should undergo cognitive screening.

In addition, Ira Monka, the president of the American Osteopathic Association, who visited with O’Connor at the White House this year, also told The Post that he thinks Biden’s performance should prompt an initial cognitive review to see if more tests are needed.

“Some of the stumbling and missing of the words, whatever was going on, would be a sign to say, maybe this person needs — not maybe — this person should get testing just to rule out the fact that there could be some underlying changes,” Monka said.

Biden was asked about it during the ABC interview and claimed that he has a “test” every day by his actions. That, of course, is a complete deflection and just makes people think he’s avoiding the question for a reason.

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