Cackling Nancy Pelosi Provides Hall of Shame Defense of Biden's Memory Issues in Apparent Narrative Shift

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In the midst of the angry denunciations and wild spin we saw from Democrats over the weekend and Monday in the aftermath of the Hur report, a narrative shift was forming.

Instead of being mad about it, apparently, a decision was made at the highest levels to laugh about it, shrug it off, and – incredibly – maybe even to try to prove the Special Counsel, Robert Hur, wrong.

Though the effort proved futile for reasons we explained here, the shift in tone was most obvious with Joe Biden himself. 

“I’ve been around, I know I don’t look like it, but I’ve been around awhile,” Biden quipped during a Monday speech. “I do remember that.”

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has also faced questions about her cognitive abilities, was also on deck to give what she no doubt thought was a solid defense of Biden’s supposed ability to lead, declaring to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Sunday that Biden’s “younger than I am” as if that’s supposed to make people feel better about his frequent memory lapses.

Cooper, too, did what Biden’s apologists on CNN do best in adding to the “he really is coherent behind closed doors” chorus, noting Biden once did a podcast with him on grief and was “fully cognizant”:

Pelosi: So, I think that, again, age is an objective fact. As I say, it’s all relative. He’s younger than I am, so what do I have to say about his age? But he is, again, knowledgeable, wise. And after the football game yesterday, which I was sad – proud of the San Francisco 49ers, but you saw …

Cooper: I didn’t want to bring it up with you, but since you brought it up …

Pelosi: … yes, but, I mean, the reason I brought it up is because at the end of the game you saw experience prevail. We have a new, fresh team, wait until next year, we’re getting all ready for it. But you saw experience prevail at the end. Experience is so important.

So, Joe Biden has vision, he has knowledge, he has – a strategic thinker. This is a very sharp president. In terms of his public presentation, if he makes a slip of the tongue here or there, what’s the deal? He is – has what he needs …

Cooper: You see a difference …

Pelosi: … mentally and what he has in his heart empathetically for the American people.

Cooper: You see a difference in his public presentation from what you see when you sit across the table from him or in a meeting with him.

Pelosi: Yes.

Cooper: I did a podcast interview with him for about 30 minutes, and again, it was on emotional subjects, it was about grief. But he was very involved. I mean, he was fully present, fully cognizant …

Pelosi: Yes, and sharp.

Cooper: … and sharp. And that really made an impression on me. His public presentation is very different than what – is it – I mean, is that what you’re saying, it’s very different than what you see in meetings?

Pelosi: Yes, but I think his public presentation is okay. I think in meetings you see firsthand that he’s on top of the situation. He knows what’s going on.


Leaving aside the fact that having Nancy Pelosi rise to Joe Biden’s defense may not be the wisest move considering, as noted above, the questions about her mental acuity, her defense of Biden doesn’t hold water.

As I wrote on Monday, everyone from Vice President Kamala Harris to DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas keeps telling us how Biden is the smartest man in the room, and is coherent and engaged. Biden has said his memory “is fine.”

The problem is that Biden himself doesn’t demonstrate this.  The issues have been obvious since Day One, and before, actually. I mean he couldn’t even do it in the very press conference he held to prove his critics wrong.

What the GOP ad team needs to do is to play that video of Nancy Pelosi and juxtapose it beside clips of Biden that show the exact opposite of the picture she’s trying to present, to confirm once again that our intelligence is being insulted by our supposed intellectual betters on the left.

They need to make the case to the American people that not only is Biden not fit to lead from an ideological standpoint but also from a stamina/sharpness/coherency standpoint, and the best way to do that is to simply let Biden do all the talking.

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