CNN's Harry Enten Blows Up Biden's Latest Delusion About the Race

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I don’t know what they did to prep Biden for the debate during the time they were in Camp David. 

But whatever they did, he was bad before, but he seems much worse since then. Whatever is wrong with him is moving faster and now he’s making no sense at all. It might be disadvantageous to the race to say he needs to be booted out now, and that brings in Kamala, but he’s just no longer competent. It can only get worse over the next few months. Our enemies have to be looking at all this and it’s putting us in grave danger. Even the anti-constitutional folks who say, “Well, we can rely on the people around him” if he’s impaired are not just wrong on the Constitution, they’re just plain wrong on the facts. The folks around him are the folks who have propped him up, covered this up, and are currently keeping him in there. That’s neither smart nor trustworthy. 

Biden has been saying a lot in his defense since the debate, most of it either false or incoherent. But one tack he has been pursuing is that the media was wrong about him in 2020. I wrote about how he said that when he flipped out on a reporter who asked about him staying in the race. 

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But in fact, as with more things Biden says, this isn’t true.

CNN’s data analyst Harry Enten skewered Biden’s claims about the media projections in 2020 and showed what a bad position he is in now compared to then. 

Biden is saying that 2020 polls underestimated him, so why believe them now? When it comes to the general election, that’s not true. Polls overestimated him.Biden’s in his worst poll position ever against Trump. He’s the 1st Democrat to trail in national July polls since 2000.

As Enten notes, what Biden is saying was wrong; the polls actually overestimated him in 2020, with him up nine points at this same point. 

The trouble for him now is that he’s actually in a much worse position. Biden was ahead in numbers in 2020, and he’s polling three points behind former President Donald Trump now in the national surveys. If anything, Enten said the polls over time have underestimated how the Republicans have done, especially in the presidential races. 

John Berman asked how unusual it was for a Republican to be ahead at this point in the national polling. Enten pointed out how you had to go back 24 years to get what you have now: a Republican leading in the national popular vote count. 

Translation: Biden”s claims are just applesauce, and he’s in deep trouble. Trump and the Republicans tend to outperform polls — and he’s already up by three. 

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