Disney Bends the Knee, Will Drop Lawsuit Against Florida and Accept Its Fate

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The Walt Disney Company has bent the knee and agreed to a settlement with the Ron DeSantis-appointed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District in exchange for dropping its state-level lawsuit. After over a year of legal machinations and false proclamations from a breathless press stating DeSantis had been beaten by “Mickey Mouse,” the complete opposite turned out to be the truth.

Shocker, right? Who would have thought the press would lie to people? Nikki Haley also infamously backed Disney, urging the company to move to South Carolina. 

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The oversight district in question oversees Disney’s local development. Before DeSantis wiped out its old membership, they passed a series of last-minute sweetheart deals for the entertainment company that essentially restored its “self-governing” status. Here’s how Salon described the move at the time.

“Out-negotiated by Mickey Mouse,” a headline from Salon read. “DeSantis’ board reveals Disney quietly stripped them of power.”

Those deals, which were the entire point of this fight, are now null and void per the new settlement. The only concession DeSantis and the oversight district had to make was the dismissal of their countersuit (which is now unnecessary). In short, Disney lost on all fronts and the plan put in place by the governor has prevailed.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office is celebrating another legal victory over Disney after a new settlement was reached between the state-appointed Central Florida board and the company on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Disney is set to drop its lawsuit against the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, and the district will drop its own lawsuit against Disney. Claims and counterclaims from both parties would be dismissed as well. Disney is also set to drop a public records effort part of the legal battle.

DeSantis’ team took a well-deserved victory lap in the aftermath of the news. 

This news comes on the heels of Disney having its federal lawsuit against DeSantis dismissed back in January, which accused the governor of free speech violations. With its appeal in that case unlikely to succeed, it appears “the Mouse” has nothing left to do but take its medicine. 

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The goal here was not to bankrupt Disney. It was to ensure that the mega-corporation could not continue to govern itself while also discouraging it from diving into political issues like the Parental Rights in Education law. That has been accomplished, and DeSantis gets another victory notch on his desk.

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