'Drinking MAGA Tears': Liberals Are Elated at Taylor Swift 'Winning' the Super Bowl

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The idea that liberals were rooting against the team from San Francisco may seem counterintuitive, but that was very much the case during Sunday’s thrilling Super Bowl.

After an intensely fought match, the Kansas City Chiefs clawed back victory from the jaws of defeat and bested the San Francisco 49ers to win their third Super Bowl in five years. 

However, the match had an added dimension with the presence of left-wing pop superstar and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays as tight end for the Chiefs.

After many conservatives expressed hope that the 49ers would win so that we did not all have to hear about Swift’s relationship with Kelce, liberals and Swifties joined together to celebrate their victory,

Many celebrated the despair of “every misogynistic male” who complained at the excessive coverage of Swift supporting her boyfriend.

Others took the opportunity to mock those in the MAGA movement:

Meanwhile, others just seemed to bathe in the supposed fairytale:

To cap the whole thing off, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton weighed in to congratulate “Taylor’s boyfriend” on the remarkable victory:

Need I say more? Just pass me the sick bag. 

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