God Loves You

If no one has told you lately, let me be the one to remind you: God loves you. How do I know that? It says so in the Bible.

Let me show you. Even if you’ve never opened a Bible in your life, you can find Genesis chapter one. Take a look sometime. Pay attention to how it portrays God’s love for you. You’ll notice a pattern. Each day, God speaks something into existence – light, land, or the sky.  Then he looks at His work and declares it “good.”  By the end of day five, God has deemed everything from the stars above to the animals surrounding us “good.”

But then comes day six. This time, the pattern changes. After God creates humans, He declares what He has done not just “good” but “very good.”

Think about that the next time you feel lost or underappreciated. Go outside and take in the beauty around you. Marvel at the sky, the trees, and the animals. Then find a mirror and look at yourself. While everything around you is “good” in God’s eyes, with you in the picture it’s “very good.”

I’m telling you, no matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done you are created in God’s own image. You are very good to Him. Don’t just take my word for it. Read it for yourself. From the first page of the Bible to the last, you’ll find one message communicated throughout: God loves you.

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