I Spent a Week Wearing 2024’s Most Fun Dive Watch—Here’s What I Learned

Pop Quiz: The Esoteric Detail That Makes a Big Difference

I mentioned my admiration for the Defy Revival released early last year with a ladder bracelet made by the Gay Frères. Well, guess who’s behind the bracelet on this watch? That’s right, those magnificent bastards did it again. While this bracelet isn’t as inventive as the ladder, the five-link design is handsome and comes with the backing of true horological history makers.

The Muggsy Bogues Award for Best Tiny Detail

The italicized font used for “DEFY” on the dial is the perfect choice for this watch. The slanting font is evocative of the outrageous visions of the future predicted by shows like The Jetsons. In the ’60s, everyone imagined that by now, we’d all be in flying cars, eating meals packed into pills, and using this font on absolutely everything.

The Plankton Award for the One Little Detail I Didn’t LIke

If I had to pick one negative, it would go to the A3648’s lume. Even after giving the watch a healthy charge in the California sunshine, it didn’t light up as much as I would’ve hoped, especially considering this is a dive watch.

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A little deficit in the luminosity department hardly dimmed my experience with this watch, though. (Who’s light isn’t shining a little less bright these days?) When my time was up with this watch, I was genuinely disappointed that I had to put it back in the mail to Zenith. What I’m looking for in a dive watch is something exactly this size that still packs in a lot of easygoing charm. My week with the A3648 confirmed all the suspicions I had about this timepiece when I first saw it at Watches & Wonders in April: This is the most fun dive watch of the year.

The Specs

Steel case and bracelet, 37 millimeters, water resistance to 600 meters, 50-hour power reserve, date function between 4 and 5 o’clock, automatic movement, $7,700. Buy it here.

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