Insiders: Biden's Loyalty to Embattled Son Hunter Has 'Created Unexpected Political Peril' for President

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Even the New York Times has to admit it – Hunter Biden is a political problem for the president. The First Son is facing a federal indictment over a gun charge and has repeatedly brought a negative spotlight onto his father Joe with his problematic overseas business dealings conducted during his dad’s vice presidency, his drug use, his disturbing sex life, his dubious art career, and so much more.

But Joe Biden just can’t say no to his only surviving son, and that, as the Times begrudgingly concedes, has created an “unexpected political peril for the president.”

Upon learning of Hunter’s possible indictment, the report says, the president went into a funk:

He plunged into sadness and frustration, according to several people close to him who spoke on the condition of anonymity to preserve their relationships with the Biden family. Since then, his tone in conversations about Hunter has been tinged with a resignation that was not there before, his confidants say.

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Aides have expressed concern in private that the president’s inability to take the Hunter situation seriously has cost him serious political capital:

The report says that his allies “have privately criticized Mr. Biden’s apparent inability to say no when Hunter sought to pull him into his business dealings.

“Some allies of the president say his loyalty to his son — inviting him to state dinners, flying with him aboard Marine One and standing on the White House balcony with him — has resulted in wholly avoidable political distractions,” the report continued. 

One of the earliest lessons you learn as a parent—or ignore at your own peril—is sometimes you just gotta say “NO.” Biden has still apparently not taken this to heart:

People who know both men say their bond is singular in its intensity. But even allies of President Biden, who prides himself on his political and human instincts, say he has at times been too deferential to his younger son, appearing unwilling to tell him no, despite Hunter’s problems and his long trail of bad decisions.

The piece then becomes a long recitation of Joe and Hunter’s histories, and it’s a mostly sympathetic view of Hunter’s legendary struggles and Joe’s stunning loyalty. It’s hard to stomach this supposed family allegiance, however, when the president refused for four years to even acknowledge his granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts, daughter of Hunter. 

It’s interesting that the New York Times is choosing now to highlight the political price that the president is paying over his relationship with his son. After all, this is the same rag that refused to admit the “Laptop from Hell” was even genuine for nearly two years. 

To me, it signifies that the drip, drip, drip of negative information coming from congressional investigations and the concerned leaks now emanating out of the White House indicate that the strategy of pretending these are just right-wing talking points is no longer working. The smell of corruption is growing stronger, and even the leftist Times realizes they can’t hide it forever.

On the other hand, it could just be rats jumping off a sinking ship.

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