It Has Dawned on Some That Biden Never Liked Black People – Which May Explain Trump's Black Voter Bump

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Along with the discoveries and sudden revelations <insert *eyeroll* emoji> of President Joe Biden’s cognitive issues — a fact that alternative and right-leaning media has been reporting for years — Biden’s overt racism has been given a fresh look. In a post-July 4th campaign stop on Sunday, a young Black girl waits patiently on the rope line for President Biden to greet her and take a selfie. After glad handing the white man standing next to her, Biden treats the young girl like she’s invisible and immediately goes to the elderly white woman standing on the other side of her.

Talk about rude.


I was this many years old when I realized Joe Biden is a racist. I have been a political junkie since I was seven. I am now 57, and I can recall all of these racist comments from then-Senator and VP Joe Biden compiled in this snippet.


What is most telling are the Black faces used to justify his behavior and prop him up: South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), VP Kamala Harris’ former senior advisor Symone Sanders, The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God, etc., all excusing Biden’s clearly racist comments, and lying to convince their base that Joe is down with the Blacks. Much like the unmuzzling of the truth that Joe’s brain is indeed broken, what has followed is the unmuzzling of the truth that Joe Biden is indeed racist, and has been for the 50 years he’s been on the national stage. The difference this time is that no one is coming to his rescue. In fact, it is being affirmed, called out, and even mocked.

Case in point: On Wednesday night’s episode of “Gutfeld!,” Fox Business host Charles Payne completely skewered Biden’s Sunday visit to a Philadelphia Black church. The Biden team’s goal was for him to pander and resurrect his image. It did not go well, and Payne said out loud what many Blacks who have watched Joe Biden in action for decades have always thought.


This is glorious on so many levels. One of the reasons is that it gives validity to the polling that shows Trump is receiving increased support from the Black community, particularly among Black men.

Black voter support for Trump up from 4% to 23%, poll finds. President Biden secured overwhelming support from Black voters in the 2020 election, but a recent New York Times/Siena College poll shows support for former President Trump among Black voters has risen 19 points in the last four years.

These shifts are what sites like our sister site Twitchy live for. They highlighted a recent Daily Show episode where even the host expressed surprise that half his panel would vote for Trump. But what’s even more telling is that even the Biden voters call out the failures of the Democrat Party and the hypocrisy of Joe Biden in addressing the concerns of the Black community.


“Biden, you done dropped the ball, brotha!” One of the panelists said. Yeah, welcome to the party, my dear. I guess better late than never. Another huge revelation is that all the lawfare thrown at Trump has done little to sway public opinion on whether they will vote for him, as the female Trump supporter clearly states. 

Now multiply these panelists by thousands who normally vote Democrat. Even better, add in the Gen Z Black kids who are voting for the first time and are being downloaded with these old/new revelations of Biden’s racism. It is not only fascinating to watch in real-time, but could well be a game changer.

This final video with similar footage is worth watching as these young Black men — both probably Gen Z — and their reactions and observations at seeing and hearing these clips for maybe the first time. This is where the youth draw their news and information: Not MSNBC or CNN, and with over 700,000 views just on this video alone, this mind shift is occurring all over America. Our job is to keep it at the forefront and hope that it finally changes the way Black Democrats will vote in 2024. 

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