Jill Biden Loses It on Reporters as She Campaigns (While Joe Stays Home)

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Who’s really running for the highest office in the land? 

Joe Biden stayed home on Monday. He had no public events scheduled, despite the fact he’s supposed to be in the middle of campaigning and in the depths of a fight for his political life over his cognitive decline. 

Dr. President Madame Ironfist Jill Biden did the campaigning instead. She was hitting three different states on Monday. 

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier about how North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper skipped out on Jill’s visit to his state. More cracks in the crumbling Democratic coalition? It doesn’t look good. 

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Meanwhile here’s what she said in North Carolina as she, not Joe, kicked off the launch of Veterans and Military Families for Biden-Harris. They only have four months left and they’re just starting things like this now? 

And listen how she claims, “For all the talk out there about this race, Joe has made it clear that he is all in. That’s the decision he has made… I am all in too.”

If he’s all in, why isn’t he there? Why is she there? And if he really was in it for the people as Jill claimed, he would care about the things he messed up that were making things difficult for people, like inflation and the border. He wouldn’t just act like they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

Then she also flew to Tampa for an event there. She stopped at the Kahwa Coffee Shop with mayor of Tampa for coffee. But when she came out, it was clear that the pressure was getting to her. As the reporters tried to ask “Dr. Biden” about what she thought about Democrats calling for her husband to step aside. She was not happy. 

She stopped suddenly, turned toward them imperiously, and scolded them for shouting to her. 

“Why are you screaming at me? You know me. Don’t scream at me, just let me talk,” she said. 

Then she continued on and it didn’t look like she answered the question. 

This is the normal way reporters call out questions, they were not “screaming.” But she was treating the reporter the same way she treats her husband — like a child who needs to be told what to do. How dare they yell at her imperial-ness? She has no idea what to do with an inquiring media. 

Can we say how disgusting this woman is? 

And isn’t this the same woman who was really screaming at her audience after she treated her husband like a child? 

Here’s a little mocking of that. 

The wheels are coming off the bus and she’s mad. She can’t stop it and she can’t control it. And the days of people toadying to her and giving her the attention she craves are likely coming to an end. And she can’t handle it. 


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