LEAK: Biden's Private Tantrum After Hur Report Dropped

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We saw Joe Biden have a meltdown Thursday night during a national address/presser. He yelled at reporters and denied he had shared classified documents, despite the report explicitly saying he did. He also confused world leaders and conflicts (again). It was a huge disaster. 


Biden Reacts to the Hur Report and It’s a Horror Show of Confusion, With a Damning Admission

BREAKING Biden Angrily Addresses Nation After Blistering Special Counsel Report, Claims His Memory’s Fine

There’s now also an interesting  Washington Post story that says Joe Biden threw a private tantrum before other Democrats after the release of the report. 

Privately, Biden was also furious about the report’s comments on his memory. During a private meeting with House Democrats at their policy retreat in Virginia earlier Thursday, Biden grew especially animated when asked how he was doing.

“How the f— could I forget the day my son died? Of course I remember everything,” he said, according two people with knowledge of his remarks who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a closed-door conversation.

But the problem is Biden did, according to the report. He didn’t even remember when he was Vice President. Does he want us to think that Hur just made all that up? Hur has to have a record of the interview. So everything Biden is claiming now is likely to be exposed as malarkey at a later date. So whoever told him to take this tack wasn’t thinking long-term and how this could sink him at a later date, particularly if the House Oversight Committee goes after that record for the impeachment inquiry or people try to get it for a 25th Amendment case. 

Moreover, Biden didn’t even remember everything during his “I am competent” presser that failed on Thursday night: he forgot the name of the church his son got the rosary from that he wears every day. 

I think his staff wanted to make him appear fiery and fighting back. I think they threw him out there for the presser, maybe even saying paint a sympathetic picture about “how dare they talk about” your son.  

I think this leak may be meant to do the same thing. Here’s the poor dad fighting back against that evil Special Counsel that his administration named who had the temerity to point out the truth, at least regarding his mental issues. Or perhaps it’s meant to show how much he’s freaking out. Take your pick but, either way, it doesn’t look good. It means staff or Democrats are leaking on Biden. It’s sort of funny that Biden wants to take away only the part where he’s not charged, but not the rest of it. 

But the problem is the American people see Biden all the time, they know all about his issues. They’ve seen his incoherence repeatedly. They’ve seen him say untrue or misleading stories about his son’s death before. He’s repeatedly said/or implied that his son Beau died in battle when he died of cancer in 2015. So it’s simply not true that he wouldn’t remember his son’s death. 


Joe Biden Once Again Falsely Claims Son Beau Died in Iraq War

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