Test your pup for allergies with this $98 DNA kit

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Pets are part of the family, and we love them as such. This is why knowing the specific makeup of four-legged friends gives us the knowledge to care for them to the best of our ability. That’s why the people at DNA My Dog offer three DNA test options to help you get to know your best boy or girl better.

We are at the start of allergy season, and that doesn’t exclude the canines. If you suspect your pooch could be suffering from allergies, the DNA My Dog Canine Allergy Test is a good option. Over 120 allergens are tested from a single swab, including environmental allergens and food sensitivities. 

Besides being fun to learn your dog’s breed or breeds, testing them can help you care for them in ways you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. That means if you find out your pup is part of a breed known to have certain health issues, you can anticipate that and adjust your care accordingly.

The DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test can tell you your dog’s breed breakdown (from a database of 350+), any genetic health issues that you might want to look out for, unique characteristics that might be prevalent, and even tips to help you bond with your dog. The DNA My Dog Premium Breed ID Test gives you access to everything that the Premium option does, but it also can test for wolf or coyote DNA. 

Knowledge is power. Care for your dogs armed with the knowledge of exactly who they are.

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