Top 5 Tech Skills To Explore In 2024

Top 5 Tech Skills To Explore In 2024

New Tech, New Career: 2024’s Top Tech Skills To Develop

It’s not news anymore that tech is currently the fastest-growing industry globally. As companies become more tech-aware, the demand for employees with specialized talent and skills is increasing. This has, in turn, led to many people transitioning from non-tech backgrounds with hopes of pursuing a successful tech career. However, it is essential to mention that although tech is evolving at a fast pace, some specific niches are presenting more opportunities than others. As such, successfully transitioning into tech requires that you make the right choice of what niche to focus on. This article provides you with all the information you need to choose the right tech skills for 2024. Let’s dive right in!

What Tech Skill Should You Pursue This Year?

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing tech industries, and it’s projected to grow even more in 2024. The reason for this is simple: more and more companies globally are switching to using cloud-based solutions in running their business. These cloud solutions offer many advantages, especially regarding scalability and flexibility.

The increasing number of companies adopting cloud computing, in turn, means that cloud engineers now occupy a unique role. As a cloud engineer, you’ll be primarily tasked with creating and maintaining cloud-based infrastructure. One great thing about pursuing a career in cloud computing is its flexibility. You get to choose what industry or sector you want to work in, including finance, healthcare, etc.

There are quite many cloud computing solutions currently available. However, if you’re a beginner to the space, you don’t have to learn how they all operate immediately; start with the major cloud platforms. This will provide you with the solid foundation you need to go deeper into cloud computing.

2. AI Programming And Machine Learning

Many people in the tech sector view AI as the next natural step in technology’s evolution. Of course, a look around society today indicates that this is a view that the global society appears to share. So, if you’re looking to get into tech, one way to ensure you’ll remain relevant for the long haul is to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence.

Just like cloud computing, the effects of AI and its potential benefits cut across multiple sectors. AI is revolutionizing fields like medicine, finance, and so much more. So, as an AI professional, you’ll also be able to work in practically any industry you choose.

Getting started in AI is pretty easy since there are many free resources and courses. However, if you don’t have a background in Machine Learning (ML), you may need to start there before deep-diving into AI. As an AI professional, you can choose between different niches like Deep Learning engineering, Machine Learning engineering, AI engineering, and even data science with an AI focus.

3. Data Science And Data Analytics

In recent times, companies have become more reliant on insights they gather from data to boost their results. Data has become the mainstream life force by which businesses can tailor their service for more effectiveness. However, it should be said that data in its raw form is practically useless. Because of this, companies are always looking for skilled individuals who can help them transform raw data into actionable business insights. This is where you, as a data scientist or analyst, come in.

As a data specialist, your role will be to source for and analyze relevant raw data from different sources. You will also be required to unearth vital gems from the process data and present them in a way that is easy for others to understand. To get started in data science, there are several paths you can take. This is because there are different analytics tools, each with unique advantages. Examples include Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and Python. You don’t need to know how to use every one of these tools. However, it should be said that the more tools you’re proficient in, the better your chances of standing out.

4. Cybersecurity

As the world increasingly embraces going digital, security needs increase rapidly. Already, there are lots of object lessons of companies who have failed to take the security message seriously enough. Companies that get hacked due to inadequate protection measures immediately lose the public’s trust. Of course, this could signal the end of that business since no one wants to put their private data at risk.

Cybersecurity analysts help companies secure their infrastructure from exploitation by threat actors. They are also tasked with preventing unauthorized access to data and upgrading infrastructure to defend against identified lapses. Cybersecurity is a pretty broad field with so many opportunities. So, if you’re considering a career here, you’ll need to decide what area you really want. That said, pursuing a career in cybersecurity requires a familiarity with IT systems and processes.

5. Blockchain Development

Blockchain has been around for a while, but it’s one tech area with fewer specialists. So, if you’re interested in working in an industry where the competition isn’t as fierce, blockchain technology might be perfect for you. However, it’s important to mention that the blockchain industry requires a very high level of specialization.

To work in this industry, you’ll need to have an excellent understanding of fundamental blockchain principles like cryptography, consensus, decentralization, etc. Additionally, you may also need to understand the “how” and “why” of crypto technologies and platforms. The great thing is there are numerous opportunities in the blockchain space. You can be a smart contract developer, cryptocurrency analyst, blockchain consultant, or even a technical writer. The opportunities here are limitless.


Making a career switch to tech, as with every new beginning, is an exciting decision. However, it’s also essential to carefully plan and decide what area of tech you’re moving to. This will help you ensure you pick the one that’s most comfortable and suited to you. There are many more tech career options, but the above are some of the best to explore in 2024.

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