WATCH: CNN Obscenely Claims Conservatives Want to 'Teach About Beheadings,' Bible Is 'Pornographic'

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In this episode of THIS… Is CNN… The Most Trust Name in News…

As RedState reported on June 27, Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters ordered teaching the Bible in all classrooms, grades fifth through 12th. 

This is not merely an educational directive but a crucial step in ensuring our students grasp the core values and historical context of our country,” Walters said in the memorandum, noting the “substantial influence” that the Bible and Ten Commandments have on the country’s founders and the constitution.

Walters argued that the Bible and the Ten Commandments are integral parts of American history and Western civilization.

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On Tuesday, Walters submitted himself to an interview on CNN, no doubt knowing what would happen. On cue, News Central host Pamela Brown was true to form:

We just referenced it, and in this, you’re saying that the teaching of the Bible in the classroom is a must, that every teacher must accept that. The Bible includes beheading, rape, and incest. Do you support teaching children about those topics?

Stop the tape. 

Have you ever seen a CNN or MSNBC host ask a Muslim — particularly an Islamist extremist — about the “teachings” of the Koran, including its radical interpretation by the latter? Me, neither.

Rather than dignify Brown’s ignorant questions, Walters stuck to his beliefs.

I support teaching children our history accurately and what we’ve seen is the radical left and the teachers’ union have driven the Bible out of schools.

I’m sure that response sent Brown’s blood pressure through the roof.

Walters tried to educate the liberal host, which appeared tantamount to trying to teach a pigeon to speak French, as he gave her examples of what removal of bibles from the classroom has taken away from correctly teaching history.

You can’t talk about our rights coming from God, as Thomas Jefferson referenced, you can’t talk about Abraham Lincoln talking about being on God’s side in what he does and that inspires him. You can’t talk about the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr., who routinely referenced examples from the Bible, including from a “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to say the reason I’m doing the things I’m doing is because of the tenets taught to me by the Bible, so it’s essential that our kids understand our history and we’re going to put it back in and the left is going to continue to try to censor our history. Well, we’re not gonna allow it here in Oklahoma

Brown, of course, wasn’t phased.

Okay, you didn’t answer my question. We’re going to get to the history and everything, and by the way, Thomas Jefferson, he advocated for freedom of religion, actually not the establishment of a religion for one, but are you okay with all teachings of the Bible? If you want to bring it back into the classroom, rape, incest, beheading. Are you—  Is that acceptable to you?

After Walters refused to take a position, Brown returned to ignorance.

Okay, so will you allow teachers to teach all aspects of the Bible? How are teachers supposed to know what of the Bible to teach and what of the Bible not to teach? It’s a simple question, given the fact that the Bible includes, also, you know, pornographic material, something you’ve come out against and actually took a teaching certificate away from a teacher for giving access to students— and pornographic material. That’s in the Bible.

Ever the trooper, Walters tried one more time, in part by reminding Brown of some of the “teachings” of the far-left to school children.

Yeah, let me be crystal clear. The Bible is not on the same plane as Gender Queer and Flamer. These are pornography, the Bible is a book that was referenced throughout American history. 

We have academic standards that tell our teachers that you are to talk about the Bible in reference to the Mayflower Compact, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” the Declaration of Independence, so these are all very clear. It’s very clear from primary sources that these individuals reference history— in our history, they referenced the Bible. 

So look, when it’s historically accurate, we’re absolutely going to include that. I mean, think about how absurd it would be to teach about the Pilgrims if you don’t mention their intention for moving to the New World, it’s crucial and we’re not gonna allow the radical left to continue to push a false history on our kids that said that faith played no role, well, just read the history. It’s clearly there.

In Walters’ mind, correctly so, teaching the Bible to school kids is not about pointing out that David beheaded Goliath, but about giving students a better understanding of their country’s history.


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