What's the Chance of Biden Accepting RFK Jr.'s Challenge to a Debate to Prove His 'Cognitive Capacity'?

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I’m going to answer my own question. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would have a better chance of teaching a pigeon to speak French than having Joe Biden accept his debate challenge — to prove that the besieged president has the “cognitive capacity” to serve a second term as president of the United States. 

In other words, zero — or less.

In response to Biden’s disastrous Thursday night press conference, which was hurriedly arranged following the even more disastrous release of the Hur Report on the DOJ investigation into his mishandling of classified documents, Kennedy was asked what he thought about the whole thing — and he went bottom-line in his response.

I think the issue has been raised, and I don’t think it’s character assassination to challenge the president to come out and debate to show the American public that he has the cognitive capacity to do this very, very difficult job.

This is a job that requires a lot of complexity, a lot of nuance, a lot of very, very difficult decisions. He is the man that might get a phone call at 3 o’clock in the morning that your children and my children are depending on his answering it in a way in response to complexities.


And here’s the thing: If the script was flipped — if Donald Trump confused world leaders with their long-dead predecessors, confused Mexico with Egypt, shook hands with the air, and got lost on stage after delivering an incoherent speech — every Democrat in the country would demand that Trump resign from office or at the very least, agree to have a comprehensive cognitive test and release the results to the public.

But, Joe Biden? Oh, hell no — Joe angrily insists: “I know what the hell I’m doing!” 

Kennedy continued to nail it, suggesting Biden’s handlers run the country.

We have a right as the American people to know that our president is actually leading the country and somebody else is not.

Then came the money shot, with Kennedy arguing that “special interests in Washington, D.C.” want a president “with cognitive deficits. It enlarges their power.” 

While continuing to make a legitimate case for a debate that will never happen, Kennedy reiterated:

I think it’s really important for Americans to understand and for the president to show Americans with unscripted encounters with voters but also through a debate that he actually is capable of handling this job.

Memo to RFK Jr.:

Joe Biden and his handlers don’t give a damn what the American people think about his rapidly declining cognitive capacity. As I reported earlier Sunday, nearly nine out of ten Americans think Biden is too old (see: “senile”) to serve a second term.

So the post-Hur Report numbers are in for reeling Joe Biden and they’re not good. Truth be told, if you’re a Democrat, they’re downright terrible — even cataclysmic. According to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll, nearly nine out of 10 Americans think Biden is too old to serve another term. 

According to the poll, 86 percent of survey respondents think 81-year-old Biden, who would end a second term at age 86, is too old to be reelected, which includes 59 percent of Americans who think both Biden and former President Trump, who’s 77, are too old to be president.

Call me skeptical, but part of me thinks there were more than a few Trump haters included in the sample who took the opportunity to throw the former president under the bus along with Biden.

Yet, by all indications, Biden is “never, ever going to quit.”

In other words, Mr. Kennedy, start looking for that pigeon.


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