White House Clown Show Continues As They Announce Biden Will Hold a 'Big Boy' Press Conference

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The Biden administration is truly a continuous clown show. 

In the face of concerns about his cognitive decline, Joe Biden refuses to take a cognitive test. There are all kinds of leaks about the hoops people are jumping through behind the scenes just to help him operate day to day. Then we have the question raised about visits to the White House by the Parkinson’s expert, and the White House doesn’t even think they have any obligation to be straight with us on that. 

But it’s Joe Biden, so they can always go lower. Who really thought this was a good idea for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security spokesperson John Kirby to announce that Biden would be doing a “Big Boy” press conference on Thursday? 

That’s insane. Do they really think that quiets concerns about dementia when you refer to him that way? To treat him like a child, even in public, like this? That only adds to it. It’s like how Jill treated him like a toddler after the debate, telling him he “got every question right.”

They truly must be the stupidest people alive. That’s a big part of why everything is blowing up here. They’re trying to deal with this, and they have no idea what they are doing. Or are his people deliberately sabotaging him now? Add that to Biden’s issues, and we are in a bad way with these people in charge. It’s truly a dangerous time, especially if we consider our enemies are likely watching all of this closely. 

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Fox’s Peter Doocy couldn’t believe how ridiculous the White House was with this announcement. 

“One way to stop getting people to focus on [Biden] being 81 and possibly having issues with his acuity is just to call him a big boy,” he said wryly. He also said that it was going to involve more than the normal “two-question” press conference. Let us see.

Expect the calls to have Biden out to increase after the mess that is sure to come on Thursday. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this isn’t going to go well. All the efforts they keep making keep blowing up in their faces. And if they try to give reporters questions, I don’t think even that’s going to work at this point. 

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