Why Loud Budgeting Could Be the Key to Unlocking Your Financial Potential

Money has traditionally been a taboo topic. But a recent viral trend on TikTok called “loud budgeting” aims to change that. Loud budgeting is the practice of being open about your budgetary constraints and financial goals. The concept took off after TikTok comedian Lukas Battle made a 2024 ins-and-outs video, declaring, “Out: quiet luxury. In: loud budgeting. Sorry, I can’t go out to dinner. I’ve got $7 a day to live on.”

Wondering if loud budgeting is for you? Here are four ways the concept could up your financial game.

1. You can set better boundaries

Saying no to another happy hour or a friend’s birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant can be tough, particularly if you’re a people pleaser. But loud budgeting makes things easier.

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By being open about your budget, you make it clear that saying no isn’t personal. You’re simply setting a boundary with your money and committing to a life you can afford.

2. You may be more accountable

You don’t need to publicly announce your financial goals on social media to give loud budgeting a try. The idea is to be more open about how you’re spending and saving your money. It can be as simple as talking openly about your goals with a couple of friends or family members.

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If you have a specific goal, like you’re trying to pay off credit card debt or get your emergency fund in shape, you may find that telling someone else about your goal makes you more accountable. Just be aware, though, that the research is mixed on this front. Some studies have found that announcing a goal can make you feel as if you’ve already achieved it.

So go ahead and be loud and proud about your budget — but be sure to do regular check-ins with your bank accounts to make sure you’re actually following through.

3. It can make saving money fun

Saving money can feel like an act of deprivation, especially if you feel like you’re the only person who can’t afford to spend. But loud budgeting makes saving money something to get excited about. Sure, maybe you’re passing up the new shoes you want or the weekend getaway that looks tempting. But you’re keeping your eye on the bigger prize, which is financial security. As you talk up that goal, you may find that saving money is actually fun.

4. You may inspire people around you

A lot of people aren’t comfortable talking about money. So if you give loud budgeting a try, you may be surprised to find that a lot of other people are stressing about the costs of things like going out, keeping up with the latest trends, and paying for gifts.

But when you’re open about money, other people may follow suit. They may feel as if it’s okay to express their own financial needs and goals. Anything that removes the shame surrounding money challenges is definitely a win.

How to make loud budgeting work for you

If you want to be successful at loud budgeting, here are some tips to follow.

  • Suggest alternatives to spending money. If a friend or family member suggests an indulgence that you’d rather not splurge on, like an expensive dinner, tell them it’s not in your budget. But suggest an alternative plan, like cooking at home or taking a walk, so it’s clear you’re not saying no to spending time together.
  • Do a regular budget check-up. To make sure you’re actually following through on the goals you’re telling the world about, make sure you review your spending and income each month. A budgeting app can make the process easier if you want to automate the process.
  • Don’t judge others’ spending. Loud budgeting is about spending money in a way that aligns with your goals. Not everyone has the same goals as you. So while being loud about your own budget is generally a good thing, keep your thoughts on other people’s spending to yourself.

Finally, if you’re not comfortable broadcasting your budget to the world, that’s okay. But do try to find someone you can talk to about money who can hold you accountable as you strive toward your goals.

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