Yikes: Biden Just Said He Was Proud to Be 'First Black Woman' (and Other Embarrassing Gibberish)

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Joe Biden is hitting radio programs that he thinks will help with his reach out to black people. He knows that he’s been losing black voters. 

But sending him out to talk to people and reassure them about his candidacy is perhaps not a great idea when he’s still incoherent. It’s not just one “bad night.” Even more people are going to see the problem, the more he opens his mouth around them. You would think that the staff and officials behind him would understand that. They didn’t seem to be thinking very clearly now. They’re panicking as to how to keep him in there. But they’re making things worse. 

Biden did a 20-minute interview with Wisconsin radio host Earl Ingram that I wrote about earlier, where he dug a deeper hole and admitted he “screwed up.” 


Biden’s New Interview to Staunch the Debate Debacle Panic Just Helps Dig the Hole Deeper

He also did a 14-minute interview with WURD’s Andrea Lawful-Sanders in Philadelphia. 

Biden tried to whip up fear about former President Donald Trump, while trying to deflect from his disastrous debate. Even The Daily Beast had to acknowledge there were “minor stumbles”:

Lawful-Sanders did not ask him directly if he plans to drop out and while the president sounded hoarse and at times had minor verbal stumbles, the White House is likely to be relieved at the overall performance.

Biden hit a series of anti-Trump talking points, saying, “Show up and vote for your own safety’s sake.”

They didn’t identify what those “stumbles” were. 

Biden again had moments of incoherence, and it wasn’t clear what he was even trying to say: 

“I remember as a Catholic kid growing up in an area where we didn’t…” Biden’s voice trailed off and whatever thought was in his head never made it out of his mouth. “I’m the first president that got elected statewide in the state of Delaware when I was a kid,” Biden said. 

Now, I could try to read into what he meant by that. But the bottom line was it was a garbled mess. And we shouldn’t have a leader where we have to guess what he’s trying to say. Basic communication should be a simple requirement to meet. Biden’s not meeting it. 

But hey, at least he said he was the “first black woman.” No, seriously. That’s what he said.  How do you listen to this and call it a minor stumble? 

‘And by the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first black woman, to serve with a black president. I’m proud of, let alone the first black woman of the Supreme Court. And there’s just so much that we can do,” Biden said. “Because together, there’s nothing, look, this is the United States of America.” 

Alrighty now. He isn’t even able to put sentences together here without losing words and thoughts. That’s more than a “minor stumble.” Either that or he’s having a gender identity crisis that he hasn’t told us about and thinks he’s a black woman. 

When does this become just too embarrassing to keep up? At this point, you have to ask if Jill Biden even has any shame left.


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